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Learn Lesson in our Computer I

First I'd would like to thank our Computer Adviser Ms. Joan Pinon. Mam thank you for teaching us in our first semester. I have many experiences and knowledge full up my mind. Some lessons that ive learn is binary number system in order to appreciate how the computer works. Since the computer works with the binary number system and since it is relatively easy to convert hexadecimal (base 16) and octal numbers (base 8) into binary, computer scientists need to be familiar with the octal and hexadecimal number systems.

ENIAC: The Army-Sponsored Revolution" , by William T. Moye. An executive summary of the history of computing. A complete and concise presentation of the origins of the BRL and the ENIAC, with names, places, and dates. (4 pages)
"My Life with the ENIAC - a Worm's Eye View", as lived by Harry Reed. Plus "Firing Table Calculations on the ENIAC".
The History of Computing at BRL , by Mike Muuss. A chronicle of processors, software, and networking at the U. S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory, prior to the installation of the ENIAC through 1992. (18 pages)
Photographs of Historic Computers
The ENIAC Story , by Martin H. Weik. The world's first production electronic digital computer was developed by Army Ordnance to compute World War II ballistic firing tables. This is the story of that computer. (6 pages)
Electronic Computers Within the Ordnance Corps , by Karl Kempf. This historical monograph covers the pioneer efforts and subsequent contributions of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps in the field of automatic electronic computing systems during the period 1942 through 1961, including pre-electronic computing devices, ENIAC, EDVAC, ORDVAC, and BRLESC. It also discusses the use of computers for solving gunnery problems, and provides a "family tree" of early computers. (140 pages in 7 chapters and 9 appendices)
A Report on the ENIAC , by Adele Goldstine, 1946. The original technical description of the ENIAC, including diagrams and several (pre-von Neumann) ENIAC "programs".
"A Logical Coding System Applied to the ENIAC" , by R. F. Clippinger. Ballistic Research Laboratories Report No. 673. The document describing how the ENIAC was made programmable. "In the Spring of 1947, J. von Neumann suggested to the author that it would be possible to run the ENIAC in a way very different from the way contemplated when it was designed; a way which had very important advantages to be discussed below." "It is hoped by the author that this report will make the task of coding problems so clear and straightforward that physicists, aerodynamicists, applied mathematicians, etc. with no prior experience with computing machines can code their own problems...." (40 pages)
"Computers at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School, 1943-1946" , by Herman H. Goldstine A description of the people, missions, and personalities that came together in the ENIAC project. Told from the point of view of then-Lieutenant Goldstine who, with the help of his superior officer, sponsored a development program at the Moore School looking toward the production of an electronic digital computer for the BRL. ENIAC was the result. (6 pages)
Important ENIAC Dates (1 page)
"Colonel Paul Gillon -- Grandfather of ENIAC" , by Paul H. Deitz. (2 pages)
Dr. John von Neumann at the dedication of the NORD Hear von Neumann speaking at the dedication of the Navy's NORD computer. December 2, 1954. Digitized from a cassette tape provided by Dr. Goldstine.
BRL's Scientific Advisory Committee in 1940 contained such luminaries as Prof. von Neumann, Prof. von Karman, Prof Rabi, COL Zornig, CAPT Simon, Lt. Gillon, Mr. Kent; they were joined later by Hubble and others. (1 photo, 3 scanned letters, 2 pages of text).
The Technology Challenge: How Can America Spark Private Innovation? by Vice President Gore. ENIAC Birthday speech delivered at University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, February 14, 1996.
Printed References of Interest

College Life

College life is the most exciting and one of the memorable expirience in our life. As a Freshmen student and first time to greet college it was so grateful and nervous at the same time.
Second is the professor stands at the front of the classroom and announces the due date for that ten page paper you have been dreading, and you are relieved to find out that you have an entire month to write it. Of course, that was nearly a month ago, and your plan to write the paper in sections over time has flown out the window, just like you plan to do if you can't get this paper done on time. Whether you are a chronic procrastinator, a perfectionist who feels like you are working nonstop, a slacker who knows you are just hanging on, or even if you are just plain lazy, I am about to introduce you to your new best friend.
What if I told you that it is possible to browse a scholarly text and pick up a current magazine article regarding your paper topic all without leaving your dorm room? You would probably think that it is either too good to be true, or maybe it's some form of cheating, but it is neither. I am talking about Questia, an essential tool for every college student, especially the overwhelmed college freshman.
Questia is an online library which is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When it gets down to crunch time and you have promised yourself you will pull an all-nighter, most college libraries are not open all night and let's face it - you'd rather work in your room where your computer is anyway. Questia is the world's largest online library with over 56,000 books and over a million journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, along with a dictionary and a thesaurus! What more could you ask for? Not much, but Questia has gone above and beyond by offering unparalleled search features, virtual highlighters, bookmarks, and note taking abilities. It doesn't end there, as Questia even automates the process of making the bibliography and citing all of your sources, saving valuable time that you would have spent pouring over your MLA citation

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WikiPilipinas officially launched last week, the proponents of the project explained how they envisioned to carry the idea of a free online encyclopedia and cook it into something that will have a Filipino flavor.

If the contributors to Wikipedia think that a certain page for a certain person, place or event is not notable, it is proposed for deletion and eventually purged. There was a huge debate before over at Wikipedia is Google Engineer Matt Cutts is notable enough to have an entry in Wikipedia. It was argued that it wasn’t really him but his sensitive position as Team Lead of Google Search Spam that gave him prominence.
In contrast, WikiPilipinas does not have a notability guideline. Does this mean that anyone can just come in and add an entry they feel is relevant to the common Filipino or the Philippines in general? Now that WikiPilipinas contributor community is Filipino-centric, will notability be slanted towards that direction? I think it will, but should it?
As pointed out by Rico over at BBN, will everyone who has a Friendster account be entitled to a WikiPinas page? If so, then WikiPilipinas could be

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PerSoNaL ProFiLe

Hi Im GeRaLd AngeLo E. ManipoL. Im a Freshmen student in PLMar, my course is Business Administation and Im handling the major of Marketing. Im the oldest son of the family and we are only two child in ours . Im so excite in my school because I have many friends to met. My first expression in my school is boring, noise and fraternity but im wrong in my own expression. Before its to late my Nick name is gHeLo, im a happy person and easy to be with.

My favorite hobby are playing basketball, sound3p, playing doTa and texting with my friends. Hmmmm^^ If you want to text me and to be friends with, just text me 09102356240^^. Im in Antipolo city, in a subdivision of Broadway Pines. My likes is eating, texting and be with my friends. ^^ Im hopoing to read my personal profiLe and getting to know each other. And our Adviser here in Computer Mam Pinon!! WaZzzZ UpPPp!!! Hirap po gumawa ng Blog nakaka BaLEEww.!!!^^^ hehehe that all !^^ Bye